Our goal here at Covenant Acres is to make lessons fun and affordable for the whole family.

We offer lesson in English and Western riding to all skill levels.

There are many horses in our riding program so we will find the best horse to fit you.

Anyone under the age of 18 is required to wear a helmet when riding.


Prices:     $25 an hour lesson

                  $15 a 1/2 hour lesson


Private lesson at your barn: Call for prices

What you will need for horseback riding lessons.

  • Boots with a heel ( please no tennis shoes, we don't want any feet getting stuck in the stirrup )

  • Jeans or Breaches are best! U can wear other long pants, no shorts please!

  • Helmet, you will need a horse approved helmet, we have plenty of them until you purchase your own.

  • Gloves are great for in the winter so you don't get too cold!

We do not expect you to have these items right away!
If you would like to stay into horses these are the basic things you will need!!


Liability Waiver Form
Emergency Contact Sheet

"Horse Share" Program

Our “Horse Share” program creates an experience of horse ownership like no other.  Horses can be expensive and they sure do require a lot of time; there is the board, feed, maintenance, grooming, cleaning, and don’t forget the vet fees! Whew! 

Here at Covenant Acres we realize that not everyone can make a lifelong commitment to horse ownership, which is why the “Horse Share” Program was created.  


Owning a “Horse Share” is all about experiencing barn life, the relationship between horse and rider, and of course, riding!  Owning a “Horse Share” gives the “best” experience without all the financial worry and headache.

The “Horse Share” program at Covenant Acres can be cancelled at anytime by giving a 30 day notice. 


Program Includes:


*1 “Horse Share” (board, hay, grain, halter, lead rope and Covenant Acres hat)

*1 private 60 min lesson a week with Kellie Puckett, Trainer

*2 hours of scheduled free riding per week

*3 scheduled days of horse care: clean stall, grooming, bring the horse in at night, and setting up the next day’s feed/water

* Discounts on Covenant Acres Classes/Camps

Price: $250 a month